Barbara Rubel, MA, BCETS

Handling Compassion Fatigue and Building Resilience

A Captivating Motivational Keynote Speaker

Motivation is a lot like humor. One person can witness a motivational speech and be inspired, while another may find it lacking. An experienced motivational speaker knows that there is more to reaching people than simply using buzz words and having an extensive amount of energy. The most successful speakers know that the key to making the biggest impact is using honesty and speaking about the human condition. The right motivational keynote speaker understands that many professionals deal with burnout and compassion fatigue. A successful professional keynote speaker can help professionals put things in the proper perspective and enlighten attendees about new and inventive ways to deal with problems.

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Speaker Barbara Rubel can help. By putting a humorous slant on certain aspects of our lives, Barbara offers participants the skills necessary to deal with stress and become more productive in the workplace.

The Right Professional Keynote Speaker

Being a professional keynote speaker means doing more than simply firing up a group of people. Barbara has the knowledge and experience necessary to understand that a truly great motivational speaker can cause individuals to take a look at the stresses in life so that problems can be addressed on a one-by-one basis. Most of all, though, she knows that a great motivational keynote speaker is someone who has been exactly where listeners are at the moment and has dealt with similar stresses, similar problems, and similar issues. Barbara has handled many of the most serious issues facing professionals today, and now, thanks to her priceless insight and sense of humor, program participants know that they can handle them, too.

More than anything else, a good speaker should put smiles on the faces of the people they speak in front of, because once they are done, those in the audience realize that their issues aren't so difficult to overcome after all. Barbara Rubel has been helping put smiles on people's faces for years, and now you can bring her special brand of motivation, stress management, and grief management to your company or organization. Contact her today to learn more about preventing burnout and compassion fatigue in the workplace.