Barbara Rubel, MA, BCETS

Handling Compassion Fatigue and Building Resilience

The Right Professional Keynote Speaker

A good professional keynote speaker can help to ensure that program participants have the ability to deal with a few of life's mounting stress factors. With the ability to connect on an individual level with those in attendance, Barbara Rubel is the ideal motivational keynote speaker. Providing valuable insight on issues regarding stress and building resilience, she can be a lifeline for those who need it most - your program participants. Work with Barbara to create a customized speaking program that will address a few of the issues those in your group are currently facing, including stress management, self-leadership skills, compassion fatigue and building resilience.

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A Powerful Stress Management Speaker

No matter what field you work in, stress is an issue everyone has to deal with. Even the best coping mechanisms can break down now and then, and it takes a lot of effort and resilience to deal with the various ill effects that stress can cause. A stress management speaker can make everyone feel a little less alone in their battle against this powerful foe. Let Barbara help your staff determine which strategy works best for them so they build resilience. Give them the opportunity to learn from this humorous speaker about building resilience.

Captivating Work Life Balance Speaker

Along with dealing with stress, one of the biggest obstacles facing many professionals is balancing their professional and personal lives. Things become even more complicated when conflicts at home begin to impair their judgment in the workplace. If your group needs a work life balance speaker to help them enjoy a more productive workplace. Barbara's personal experience and solid advice can provide the help they need. Choosing a highly motivational and entertaining professional keynote speaker like Barbara will help your employees maintain their boundaries and develop resilience in business.

Health and Wellness Consultant Advice

Increasingly, a productive and safe workforce is one that is mentally and physically healthy, and choosing a dynamic speaker who specializes as a health and wellness consultant can offer professionals some insight on how important it is to keep a healthy equilibrium in your life, both at work and at home

Whether you need someone who can function as a health and wellness consultant, a stress management speaker, or a work-life balance speaker for your organization, look to resilience consultant, Barbara Rubel. Barbara uses humor to understand the importance of stress management and building resilience. Her customized sessions will help you to build professional resilience while coping with your stressful career.