Barbara Rubel, MA, BCETS

Handling Compassion Fatigue and Building Resilience

Finding Staff Development Keynote Speakers

Many understand the impact from a good staff development keynote speaker can be important, but how do you go about picking the right speaker for your company? After all, one of the biggest challenges facing today's management workforce is making staff development palatable to as large a group as possible. In the past, staff development was always an ill-defined grey area that was often met with groans and apathy. With the right speaker, though, it can be a positive session that truly makes a difference.

To find the right speaker, first, you need to find someone with the experience and the track record that proves that they have a special gift when it comes to connecting with people. Second, you need to find a speaker who does more than use catchphrases. You need a speaker that connects on an emotional level with your staff so that they may glean valuable insight into how they can improve their lives and become better, more productive workers. Professional conference speaker Barbara Rubel can help prevent burnout and compassion fatigue. With a dynamic not often seen in staff development sessions, Barbara combines her expertise with humor that helps create an individualized experience for all participants.

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Choosing a Professional Conference Speaker

The key to finding a staff development keynote speaker who works well for your group is personal experience. When a professional conference speaker is addressing a group, you can tell if what you are hearing is genuine or if it is fabricated in any way. An engaging speaker has a "been there, done that" feel to them which most listeners can relate to. It is only when that connection has been made that real insight can be gained into one's own personal situation. Whether it involves dealing with stress management issues or unlocking new and inventive personal development pathways, a good speaker can help a group take a fresh look at problems and setbacks in their lives. In a humorous way, Barbara Rubel has the ability to help your staff reach new heights when it comes to productivity and problem-solving. Contact her today to learn what she can do to help your staff prevent burnout and compassion fatigue and develop resiliency in the workplace.

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