Barbara Rubel, MA, BCETS

Handling Compassion Fatigue and Building Resilience

Experience a Stress Management Speaker

The impact of an experienced and effective stress management trainer in the workplace can't be overstated. An effective speaker knows that helping professionals with stress means more than spouting flowery and new age slogans; it means building professional resiliency and connecting with professionals through shared personal experiences and triumphs over the same hurdles they are running into at that very moment.

Stress management speaker Barbara Rubel has the experience and the knowledge to help workplaces and organizations from coast to coast deal with stress, burnout, and compassion fatigue.

An Effective Stress Management Trainer

For many office settings, stress is a problem few want to acknowledge. For some individuals, stress is an omnipresent force that never abates. Success and productivity are often directly related to how individuals deal with stress, and some handle it better than others. Fortunately, anyone can learn to handle it well with the right skills. A stress management speaker like Barbara Rubel can help inject those skills into your office environment.

Stressors at home and in the office are in a constant state of flux. What might be a manageable amount of stress one day can mushroom into a crippling amount the next. Your team has to be armed with the ability to analyze and cope with the new stressors that introduce themselves into your life each and every day. Using humor and insight, stress management trainer Barbara Rubel has spoken on this very topic across the nation on many occasions, and through her speeches, books, and training manuals, she has helped thousands of professionals deal with their stressful careers. Now she can help your workplace with a customized session designed to deal with the stressors your team faces no matter what industry you're in. Prevent burnout and compassion fatigue and develop a resilient staff. Contact Barbara today to see what she can do for you.