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June 2020

When a Mother’s Heart is Broken

By Grief

Why aren’t you calling? I bet you have a host of reasons from not knowing what to say to fear you might say the wrong thing. It’s not easy picking up the phone to call a grieving mother after a child has suddenly and traumatically died. It’s a fact of life that although mothers give life, they also experience loss. The death of a child becomes an event story that…

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Guided Imagery When There’s Unfinished Business

By Emotional Baggage

Do you have unfinished business with someone who has died? A guided imagery is a way to use your imagination to explore unfinished business. It can help you cope with the hurt you may feel because you did not say something that you needed to say before your loved one’s death. Further, it can help you to manage the distress you may feel over not hearing your loved one say…

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The Voice in My Heart

By Parenting

The voice in my heart gently speaks to me. Although it’s a whisper, it’s very powerful. I recall hearing it two months into my pregnancy. I had excruciating pains and I thought I was losing my baby. However, the soothing voice in my heart told me that I had the strength to handle whatever was about to happen and to remain positive while waiting for potentially disturbing news. The ultrasound…

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Father's Day

Undeniable Proof: June Is a Month to Celebrate

By Memories

Survive and Thrive What would the world be like without celebrating meaningful days? You know what it’s like when a day actually feels special. As I think back to my childhood there were several days in June that were especially exciting from the last day of school to the first day of summer. For the most part, celebrations in June include graduations and weddings. However, there are some days that…

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