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July 2020

Sentimental Clutter

By Barbara Rubel Memories No Comments
Who would have thought that sentimental clutter could mean so much? Several boxes of varying sizes are stacked neatly in a row. Children are often responsible for vacating their parent’s home. And that is what I did when my mom died. Although I sold much of her personal belongings and gave away items to family members, I kept those things that I could not part with. Now, several years later,…
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Turn Rigid Thinking into a Growth Mindset

By Barbara Rubel Mindset No Comments
Whether you like it or not, a rigid mindset can prevent you from turning obstacles into opportunities. Do you think in all or nothing thinking–in extremes? Perhaps you use words like, “always,” “never” or “impossible.” Likewise, people with a growth mindset are able to replace negative thoughts with positive ones and are tolerant of their mistakes. As one who has a growth mindset, I realize that although self-criticism can work…
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