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June 2023

police officers

How Family and Friends Can Support a First Responder’s Mental Health

By Barbara Rubel First Responders, Law Enforcement, Mental Health, Work-Life Balance No Comments
Synergy When a first responder eats healthily at home and gets eight hours sleep, and works on their physical health, their job is positively impacted.  By the same token, when they are satisfied with their job and feel supported in their role, their family life is positively impacted. Whether you are a friend or family member, you can help them find synergy in their life and impact their well-being. Synergy…
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Influential Businesswoman awards

Barbara Rubel Receives Influential Businesswoman Award

By Barbara Rubel First Responders No Comments
For the 8th year Acquisition International (AI) has hosted the Influential Businesswomen awards to celebrate all the winners and their accomplishments. Every year Acquisition International showcases the most exceptional and inspirational female business leaders from around the world by honoring and highlighting their achievements. Acquisition International is proud to announce that Barbara Rubel has been awarded: Most Influential First Responder Keynote Speaker 2023 (USA): Barbara Rubel the Influential Businesswoman…
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