8 Work-Life Balance Tips

balancing life and work

As you pursue work and personal interests, be mindful that work-life balance means different things to different people. Prioritize what is important. Put energy into those things that mean something to you.

Here are eight simple ways to manage the stress of work-life balance:

  1. Start the day with a healthy breakfast and take a scheduled lunch, as diet management is important for your overall health.
  2. Begin work on time and end on time.
  3. Exchange services with friends, such as gardening or babysitting.
  4. Create a to-do list with three tasks that you complete at the start of the day.
  5. Schedule time with a friend or family member without interruptions (e.g., put phone away).
  6. Consider recreational activities, back packing, sky diving, swimming, bowling, or tennis.
  7. Consider leisure activities, such as strength training, making art, dancing, play video games.
  8. Get 7 hours sleep, avoid using sleeping pills, and reduce exposure to light before bedtime.

8 Elements of Resilience

Using the acronym FABULOUS, here are eight elements of resilience:

Flexibility: reframe the way you think about how you manage work and nonwork time.

Attitude: maintain a positive attitude as you adapt healthy life strategies (e.g., diet, exercise).

Boundaries: set and communicate boundaries and know when they have been crossed

United: maintain and nurture relationships that are work and non-work related.

Laughter: keep your sense of humor, as it is a trait that helps you to manage stress.

Optimism: while being realistic, maintain hope, and have a positive point of view.

Understand job satisfaction: focus on why you do your job and how it fulfills you.

Self-compassion: when you fail, don’t blow it out of proportion.

Eight elements of the FABULOUS framework help you to build personal resilience. Without resilience, wellbeing will suffer. Work-life balance is associated with wellbeing. The working environment needs to promote wellbeing. If you are achieving wellbeing than you are achieving work-life balance. Performance is enhanced as job satisfaction is increased.

Bottom line is that when personal life decreases stress and increases a sense of achievement while improving work performance, then you have work-life balance.  Enjoy family, friends, or a favorite hobby, and strike a balance between work and nonwork life.


Have you struck a balance between work and nonwork life?