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Managing Emotional and Cognitive Grief Reactions Around the Holidays

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Strategies for emotional pain When intense grief and emotional pain is too much to manage around the holidays, consider any of the following strategies: Metaphors. Use a metaphor analogy to describe your experience. These statements can help you describe the intensity of your loss. Discover the Power of Writing: Write about your thoughts and feelings in a journal. Write poetry or a letter to the person who died. Keep a…

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Grieving Children and the Holidays

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Do you feel as though you may not be strong enough to support your grieving child this holiday season? I recently spoke to grieving parents. They believe that they don’t have the strengths needed to support their bereaved child. I believe they can spiritually nurture their child if they are brave; have a love of learning; are honest, hopeful; have gratitude; are spiritual; and show their love, as they talk…

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