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Remembering a loved one

Intervention Strategies for Navigating Grief with a Religious/Spiritual Focus

By Barbara Rubel Grief, Memories
When your grief takes on a distinctively spiritual or religious hue, it becomes crucial to acknowledge and understand the unique contours it assumes. Identifying the presence of religious or spiritual reactions serves as a gateway to implementing personalized intervention strategies, offering solace, purpose, and fortitude. In the following exploration, we delve into a spectrum of compassionate approaches crafted to assist you in preserving your spiritual connection while gracefully maneuvering the…
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Coping Compassionately: Navigating the Intersection of Behavioral and Physical Grief Reactions

By Barbara Rubel Grief, Memories No Comments
Managing Behavioral Reactions Grieving is an intricate journey, and when behavioral reactions take center stage, understanding them as a form of communication is key. Behavioral reactions are a language of their own, expressing the intricate nuances of grief. As you recognize the potential for behavioral reactions to become unhealthy coping mechanisms to process grief, consider any of the following strategies: Facing Reminders. Transform avoidance into empowerment by proactively facing reminders…
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In Remembrance

From the Firehouse to the Playhouse

By Barbara Rubel Memories No Comments
I am on a mission to survive and thrive. As I brace the wind and the cold, my quick step edges me closer to Broadway. I keep reminding myself that I will be warm once inside the theater. Although it is only mid-November, the weather is surprisingly frigid. Picture this, only a block away from the theater, a frosty breeze pushes the cozy jacket hood off of my head at…
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Sentimental Clutter

By Barbara Rubel Memories No Comments
Who would have thought that sentimental clutter could mean so much? Several boxes of varying sizes are stacked neatly in a row. Children are often responsible for vacating their parent’s home. And that is what I did when my mom died. Although I sold much of her personal belongings and gave away items to family members, I kept those things that I could not part with. Now, several years later,…
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Father's Day

Undeniable Proof: June Is a Month to Celebrate

By Barbara Rubel Memories No Comments
Survive and Thrive What would the world be like without celebrating meaningful days? You know what it’s like when a day actually feels special. As I think back to my childhood there were several days in June that were especially exciting from the last day of school to the first day of summer. For the most part, celebrations in June include graduations and weddings. However, there are some days that…
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