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Thank you for attending Barbara Rubel's virtual program. If you want to download the slide deck and participant manual for "A FABULOUS Way to Build Resilience to Mitigate the Impact of Compassion Fatigue", you are in the right place.

A FABULOUS Way to Build Resilience to Mitigate the Impact of Compassion Fatigue

During this program, professionals will identify ways to reflect on their strengths and put them into practice to build their resilience. Working with those impacted by chronic disorganization can take a toll on professionals who struggle with secondary traumatic stress. If you help those who suffer brain – based challenges, you can experience compassion fatigue. If you help those with unhelpful beliefs about themselves and their possessions, you can experience job burnout. Moreover, if you help those with serious or chronic illnesses or those experiencing challenging life transitions, you can become vicariously traumatized.

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Barbara Rubel, BS, MA, BCETS, DAAETS

Barbara Rubel is a keynote speaker and author of several books, including, But I Didn’t Say Goodbye: Helping Families After a Suicide (2020).

Barbara is a Newsweek Expert Forum Member and thanatologist who focuses on helping professional mitigate the impact of their stressful jobs, as they support clients struggling with traumatic loss, life transition, and mental health issues.

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Challenging Disorganization with Barbara Rubel