Barbara Rubel, The Griefwork Center Announces Recent Website Launch

Barbara Rubel is a keynote speaker, trainer, author, and consultant. As an author and a leading authority on compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and life-loss balance, Barbara Rubel motivates audiences to mitigate the impact of compassion fatigue. Now, the Griefwork Center and Barbara Rubel are pleased to present a new and improved website designed to highlight Ms. Rubel’s work and to provide those who benefit from her work quality accessibility.

“One of my greatest joys is inspiring professionals to handle burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious trauma.”

The new website includes several pages dedicated to the various aspects of Barbara Rubel’s influential work. The site features keynote speech and breakout session topics, providing insight into Ms. Rubel’s work as a dynamic keynote speaker and trainer. As a compassion fatigue speaker and through her programs for clinicians, victim services providers, first responders, and educators, she strives to encourage her listeners to build resilience and self-care for compassion fatigue.

The new and improved website offers insight and helpful information concerning Barbara Rubel’s humorous and upbeat style, and her delightful composite of experience, research, and practical application. Through her work, Ms. Rubel promotes self-compassion, health, and wellness for those dealing with vicarious trauma.

“Barbara encourages ways to build fabulous resilience through eight characteristics of resilience: flexibility, positive attitude, maintaining boundaries, understanding job satisfaction, laughter, optimism, being united, and self-compassion.”

The sparkling new website offers a user-friendly interface designed to be both informative and welcoming. The reader may visit the Keynote Speaker page, gaining encouragement and insight into the dedication and skill with which Barbara Rubel aids her listeners. Under the Books and Articles tabs, the reader may view the inspiring pages of Ms. Rubel’s published works.

Under Testimonials, the reader sees the written words of those who have benefitted from the work accomplished by Barbra Rubel and the Griefwork Center, Inc.

“On behalf of the National Association of Social Worker’s, Wisconsin Chapter, I want to thank you for your workshop, PTSD in Abused Mothers and Compassion Fatigue at our 2008 conference,” is one such testimonial from Marc Herstand, “Outstanding job! a few comments from participants, ‘A lot of fun and informative,’ ‘Her humor is super,’ ‘Great wealth of information,’ ‘Would be the fabulous keynote on a variety of topics she’s skilled in.'”

The website also features a Biography tab, outlining her background, and a peek into the journey that has made Barbara Rubel the amazing and knowledgeable speaker, author, and expert that she is today. The Videos tab offers helpful and insightful videos featuring Ms. Rubel’s wisdom and the expertise for which she is nationally known.

Barbara Rubel and the Griefwork Center, Inc are proud to offer their new and improved website for convenience and ease of use for the site’s visitors. Barbara Rubel continues to motivate audiences nationwide, and the website now offers quality accessibility to those seeking to benefit from the excellent work of Barbara Rubel and the Griefwork Center, Inc.