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Finding the proper balance and maintaining it is easier said than done...

No matter what industry you are involved with, it is extremely important to find and maintain a healthy equilibrium in your life. Of course, finding the proper balance and maintaining it is easier said than done. We all have stresses pulling on us from every direction, including stress from home, work, family, co-workers, and more. Normally, you are able to balance this tug of war without too much trouble, but during periods of high stress, things can unravel.

The right work life balance speaker can help provide valuable insight to those who need it most. Discover new and inventive ways to handle the everyday stresses of life. Build resiliency so that you feel motivated and excited, not overwhelmed. Stress can be a real positive in your life if you know how to channel it correctly, and a smart life balance speaker like Barbara Rubel can provide the tools you and your staff need to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue and regain a positive and productive outlook on life.

An Experienced Life Balance Speaker

When it comes to choosing the right work life balance speaker, you want to choose someone who has the life experiences and the proven track record of performance that Barbara Rubel does. The productivity of your workforce is too important and too fragile to risk on a speaker that doesn’t know how to connect with and motivate an audience.

When you choose a life balance speaker, you should look for a person that uses a blend of honest life experience, humor, and touching insight to connect on an honest and forthright level with those that need it most. With a signature individualized experience for all participants, Barbara Rubel is a humorous speaker that is ready to help your participants realize their true potential. Barbara customizes her programs and is the right speaker on issues related to stress management, burnout, compassion fatigue prevention and resiliency in the workplace.