“One of my greatest joys is inspiring professionals
to handle burnout, compassion fatigue,
and vicarious trauma”

Barbara Rubel, MA, BCETS, DAAETS

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Barbara Rubel, keynote speaker and author, has been accepted into Newsweek Expert Forum, an invitation-only community for pioneering thinkers and industry leaders.

Barbara Rubel was hand-selected to join the community based on her proven expertise in burnout, compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and loss in the workplace. As a member, Barbara is part of a curated network of thought leaders from a broad range of influential industries and professions who share unique insights and analysis with one another and publish thought-provoking content.

Scott Gerber, founder of Newsweek Expert Forum, says, “We are honored to accept Barbara Rubel into the Newsweek Expert Forum. When experts gather in curated, private settings, they can share advice and build trusted relationships that further their mutual success. Barbara brings important insights for leaders who want to create employee wellbeing and resilience to this community.”

From Empathic Distress to Compassion Satisfaction

Barbara Rubel is a leading authority on compassion fatigue, empathic distress, burnout, secondary traumatic stress and vicarious trauma.


Announcing the Winner of the GHP Mental Health Awards

Barbara Rubel – Vicarious Trauma Keynote Speaker

Essential Worker Mental Health Thought-Leader of the Year 2022


As a dynamic keynote speaker and trainer, Barbara motivates trauma-informed professionals to build their resilience to mitigate the impact of empathic strain, compassion fatigue, burnout, secondary trauma and vicarious trauma. Barbara’s FABULOUS Framework for wellness recognize the value of trauma-informed practices while focusing on grief-informed and vicarious trauma-informed practices.

FABULOUS Framework to Manage Trauma-Related Employment Stress

You’ve probably heard of the value of trauma-informed practices, but did you know there’s practices that mitigate occupational burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious trauma? Were talking,  about being vicarious trauma-informed.

Virtual and Live Keynote Program Abstract

When working with those who have faced adverse experiences, you can experience vicarious trauma. Closely related terms include compassion fatigue, empathic distress and secondary traumatic stress. Being that you can be negatively impacted by trauma work, vicarious trauma-informed care is paramount in supporting you and providing better service to the victims you help. Although regular supervision, peer support, and an organizational culture validate vicarious trauma in the workplace, the FABULOUS framework focuses on self-efficacy and personal coping strategies. Through self-awareness activities, you will explore career resiliency, wellness when impacted by trauma material, work-life balance, putting character strengths into practice, and safe-care. At the end of this program, you will recognize 8 pillars of resilience that are key protective factors in managing trauma-related employment stress.


The objective of Barbara’s evidence-based programs is to present current understanding of how professional helpers and social organizations respond to traumatic loss experiences and interventions, based on the acronym FABULOUS: Flexibility, Attitude, Boundaries, United, Laughter, Optimism, Understanding job satisfaction, and Self compassion. During the program, Barbara explores ways to cope and recover from empathic distress, professional grief and trauma.

Barbara's Story

On behalf of the entire staff at CME LLC, I would like to thank you for participating in the US Psychiatric and Mental Health Congress. Your contribution was greatly appreciated and added greatly to the success of the conference.

Carol R. Duba, BSN, RN, MAManager, US Psychiatric & Mental Health Congress

Thank you for your presentation at the Blaustein Pain Grand Rounds entitled “Preventing Compassion Fatigue While Providing Compassionate Care”. You did a superb job! I believe your talk brought about a renewal of energy and a more healthy regard for what we are able to do with our patients.

James N. Campbell, M.D.Johns Hopkins Medicine, Department of Neurosurgery

Thank you for a truly memorable keynote at our 29th annual COVA conference. The toys were a hit and attendees left with much-needed tools to improve their wellness.

Nancy LewisExecutive Directive COVA, Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance

Thank you again for giving a presentation at the Supportive and Palliative Care Conference yesterday. Your presentation was very well received. I hope we will cross paths again in the near future

Rudolph M. Navari, M.D., Ph.D.Director, Notre Dame Cancer Institute

Our attendees at the 10th Annual Wyoming Victim Services Conference are just raving about how much fun your presentation was . . . Thank you for making our conference a success.

Brandy FinleyWyoming Office of the Attorney General

Thank you for agreeing to speak at our annual spring conference in Destin Fl. It was the highlight of the conference for many attendees.

Alicia E. Hall, RN, MAExecutive Director, Alabama Psychiatric Society

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