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For the Clinician

What if you could quickly be aware of a client’s grief process without requiring them to verbalize the specifics of the loss narrative? It can be daunting when a client asks you for help to manage their grief. You may find yourself thinking, “I’ve never been trained in providing bereavement support.” That’s why I created Palette of Grief®, a tool that provides effective, safe avenues for the discovery of the impact of grief symptoms.

Imagine meeting a new client and having the skills to quickly adapt to their grief and visually understand their emotional, cognitive, physical, behavioral, and religious or spiritual reactions.

Palette of Grief gives you a big-picture view where you are immediately familiar with your client’s grief process, which can improve clinical outcomes. Whether shared in person or as a take-home handout, this tool transcends barriers, providing individuals with a symbolic representation of the grief process. Allow flexibility for customization based on individual needs. Grief is a highly personal experience, and tailoring the tool to specific circumstances can enhance its effectiveness. Also note, that several factors can shape a Palette of Grief.

My background as a thanatologist—a specialist in bereavement, mourning, and grief, has enabled me to develop a tool that meets the needs of the bereaved and those clinicians who support them. My understanding of the grieving process and contemporary grieving models inspired the creation of the Palette of Grief.

Click here to download a PDF version of Palette of Grief®: A Reflective Practice for Processing Grief