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Compassion Fatigue and Moral Injury: Impact on Employee Productivity – Barbara Rubel | Podcast

May 2, 2023
Officer Wellness with Retired Chief Brian Manley.
S2/E5/P2: LEO Trauma
Officer Wellness with Retired Chief Brian Manley.
S2/E5/P1: LEO Trauma
Momnificent: Resilience – Where Does it Come From? with Barbara Rubel
Seniors Rock: Finding Gratitude During A Pandemic Holiday Season

Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast

with Patrick Fitzgibbons (April 3, 2024)

Elevating Despair – Suicide Prevention, Grief and Healing (with Dr. Anna Baronowsky, August 2020)

From Suicide Survivor to Leading Thanologist
“Living Blue”-Writing The LEO’s Guide to Resilience and Mental Health | S2 E23
Making Sense of Senseless Violence: Parenting our Future with Robbin McManne
Annie Jennings PR: A Blueprint for Employee Resilience and Retention
Help for Your Compassion Fatigue
How To Deal With Grief and Burnout As A Consultant – with Barbara Rubel
You Learn, You Turn: Sudden Loss-When we don’t have the ability to say Goodbye
Overcoming Trauma Burnout and Suicide