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secondary trauma keynote speaker
Looking for a dynamic keynote speaker or trainer for your conference or event that focuses on professional well-being and work-life balance?

Barbara Rubel’s motivating keynote speeches and programs for clinicians, victim services providers, first responders, and educators,  focus on building resilience and self-care for burnout, compassion fatigue, moral injury and vicarious trauma. Barbara’s humorous and upbeat style offers a composite of experience, research and practical application that promotes self-compassion, health, and wellness.

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Building FABULOUS Resilience

Barbara encourages ways to build fabulous resilience through eight characteristics of resilience: flexibility, positive attitude, maintaining boundaries, understanding job satisfaction, laughter, optimism, being united, and self-compassion.

The eight elements of the FABULOUS Principle are:

Flexibility: build a resilient mind-set by being less rigid and adapt to work-life challenges;

Attitude: evaluate stressors and behave positively as a result of being engaged and a good fit for your job;

Boundaries: balance, monitor, and maintain limits of acceptable workplace behavior;

Understanding job satisfaction: gain gratification and pleasure from your profession;

Laughter: maintain a sense of humor to manage a stressful workplace;

Optimism: think positively and realistically to anticipate the best possible outcome;

United: cultivate personal and professional relationships that increase well-being; and

Self-compassion: express loving kindness to yourself every single day

Keynote Speech and Training Topics

Barbara is an incredibly motivating keynote speaker. Her keynote speaking topics range from stress management, health and wellness, to personal development. These programs include:

  • Managing Clinician Burnout and Secondary Trauma Stress
  • Vicarious Trauma in Judges, Magistrates, and Court Personnel
  • Building Resilience and Minimizing Burnout in School-Based Practice
  • First Responder Well-being and Work-life Balance
  • Mitigating the Impact of Vicarious Trauma in Victim Service Professionals
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Breakout Sessions

While Barbara’s keynotes and training focus on professional well-being from vicarious trauma, her breakout sessions focus on Promoting Resilience Through Traumatic Bereavement Informed Care. These programs include:

  • Palette of Grief®: A Creative Tool that Captures Traumatic Grief Reactions after a Sudden, Traumatic Death
  • But I Didn’t Say Goodbye: Helping Families After a Suicide
  • Serving Survivors of Homicide Victims: Through the Lens of Thanatology and Criminology
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When does vicarious trauma occur?

Vicarious trauma often occurs to workers in certain occupational fields who work with people who have been traumatized, and are exposed to the emotional fear, pain, anger, and other emotion their clients have experienced.

A negative mental health outcome on human service professionals includes compassion fatigue, which is made up of burnout and the stress of secondary trauma. Secondary traumatic stress (STS) symptoms occur when an empathetic helper is exposed to another person’s trauma. Personal symptoms mimic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Vicarious trauma is a psychological response that is associated with the disturbing experiences and traumatic events or crisis of another person. The condition describes the indirect trauma or the result of identifying with a trauma survivor’s suffering.

Vicarious traumatization speakers

The right motivational keynote speakers understand how to put things in the proper perspective while enlightening professionals about new and inventive ways to foster resilience. Barbara offers the skills necessary to deal with vicarious traumatization and how to develop a self-care plan for better health.

Being a keynote speaker on traumatic-bereavement-informed care, vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and mental well-being, means more than simply firing up a group of people about fostering resilience. It is about maintaining empathy while recognizing how aversive details of a client’s traumatic experiences has a long-lasting impact on a professional’s personal beliefs and world view.

Contact Barbara today to learn more about training on burnout, secondary traumatic stress, compassion fatigue, and vicarious trauma and incorporate vicarious trauma education in your program curricula.

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