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Barbara Rubel Won a GHP Mental Health Award for the 2nd Year!

GHP Mental Health

The GHP Mental Health Awards once again showcased the best of the best in the mental health industry in 2023. Their novel award approach welcomes all companies in all shapes and sizes. They do not prioritize their winners based on demographics, and instead aim to research, analyze, and shortlist all companies in this industry based on their merits.

The final decisions have now been reached. From her recent nomination, they announced that Barbara Rubel – Vicarious Trauma Keynote Speaker – has received the following award:

Most Compassionate Trauma-Informed Care Training Specialist 2023: Barbara Rubel

GHP Awards Program

This cutting-edge awards program honors the businesses and people that work in the mental health industry for their accomplishments. One of the most significant sectors is the one related to mental health. We are all aware of how crucial mental health support is and how it genuinely improves people’s lives.

While the industry is still recovering from the challenges posed by Covid-19, the pandemic has recently taken a toll on the mental health of millions of people. Despite this, those working in the mental health sector continue to show exceptional levels of care and compassion for those who need assistance.

Times are hard for people working in the mental health business and underfunding is another issue the sector fights every day. However, the mental health industry helps everyone who requires assistance and does a fantastic job! Companies that focus on providing mental health support are exceptional, and Global Health & Pharma wish to recognize these businesses for their efforts by giving them recognition through awards.

We at Global Health & Pharma manage the GHP Mental Health Awards because we understand how important the industry is. Supporting companies working within the Mental Health sector is our main goal, as well as highlighting the important work that is being done.

GHP’s Annual Awards

The incredible work done by organizations and people has been highlighted by GHP’s annual awards, concentrating on individuals dedicated to never-ending innovation, customer service, and the expansion and advancement of their companies.

Their programs encompass a wide range of industries, enabling them to highlight the quality of a variety of businesses and the people that inspire them. They can recommend businesses attaining absolutely outstanding achievements due to their industry connections and in-house experience. They allow their readers to suggest either their own firm or one they would want to see win in order to ensure that their programs are an accurate representation of the best businesses from across the world.

At the core of these programs is integrity, and to ensure that they are an accurate depiction of these extraordinarily diverse markets, they have made sure that there are no entry barriers by making the process entirely free to enter or win.

About Global Health & Pharma

global health & pharmaSince 2015 Global Health & Pharma (GHP) has become a hub of medical and healthcare information, accessible to industry professionals, companies, and scholars. The website, online magazine, newsletter, and social media platforms offer a wide variety of in-depth articles and news features.

GHP strives to keep their readers as up-to-date as possible by exhibiting the most recent advancements, most promising inventions, and top businesses in the medical, health, and pharmaceutical industries. This is their primary goal, and they make an effort to keep providing an unbiased perspective on what is happening for all businesses across all industries.

Through the year-round administration of award programs, GHP also seeks to identify and showcase the creative and dedicated businesses and people operating in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

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Barbara is a leading authority and best-selling author on managing burnout, secondary traumatic stress, compassion fatigue, and vicarious trauma. As a nationally recognized keynote speaker, she motivates audiences to build their resilience and create work-life balance. Her programs help leaders and teams manage workplace chronic stressors and get over burnout at work.

Barbara's newest book, "But I Didn't Say Goodbye: Helping Families After a Suicide", is available now on Amazon -

• Three weeks prior to giving birth to triplets, her father died by suicide. Her story was featured in the Emmy award winning documentary, Fatal Mistakes, Families Shattered by Suicide narrated by Mariette Hartley. Many employees are grieving personal loss. She offers programs for leaders on lost productivity and performance while managing grief at work.

• As a sought-after keynote speaker who has presented to over 500 groups since 1991, including corporations, state and national associations and non-profit organizations, Barbara offers work-life balance strategies for leaders to implement right away. With clarity and humor, her speaking engagements are designed to give audiences powerful and practical strategies of work-life balance, wellbeing, and self-care that can be implemented immediately.

• Barbara is a Board-Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress and Diplomate with the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. She received a Bachelor of Science in psychology and a Master of Arts degree in community health, with a concentration in thanatology, both from Brooklyn College.


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